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In 1976, the predecessor of Arizona Type Ratings, a company named Professional Airline Systems, Inc was formed in southern California. This company provided airline quality training in a wide variety of equipment including Twin Otters, Lears, Hawkers, Westwinds and Boeings. When I became involved with PAS, the school was located in Carlsbad, California. In the late 80's, I began discussions with the owner to purchase Professional Airline Systems and eventually began to handle marketing, teach ground school and in time flight training. Over the next few years, I taught more and more of the classes when my day job would allow. I worked as an electrical engineer with the Bell System to pay the bills and flew and taught ground school whenever I could squeeze it in. In the early 90's the Bell System was dismembered by the U S Justice Department and as a result I and a few thousand other employees were offered various incentives to retire early. I decided to take the leap and start doing type ratings full time.  

At the time, we were using rental aircraft from various owners in southern California. I lived in the Phoenix area and was commuting to Carlsbad to hold ground school. As I came to know more Citation owners in Arizona, I decided to move PAS to the Phoenix area where I lived, operating out of the Williams Gateway Airport. The southwest desert is an ideal environment for flight training and I became comfortable enough with the business to purchase a minority interest and eventually, with a partner, 100% of a 1978 Citation 501, N980DM. This aircraft has since trained and typed thousands of pilots and my partner, Steve Palazzola and I still operate the aircraft.  

Around the turn of the century (sounds ancient doesn't it), SIMCOM, a simulator based flight training facility in Scottsdale, Arizona approached me to join them and operate their brand new Citation simulator and provide N980DM for the aircraft portion of their program. Their Sim is a Level B device and needs an aircraft to supplement its authority for initial type ratings. If simulator training is desired or required by your insurance company, the SIMCOM program is an excellent choice. It offers a comprehensive ground school, several hours in the Sim followed by a few hours in the actual aircraft. My relationship with SIMCOM as an instructor and examiner has been mutually beneficial and continues to this day.  

Beginning in the early 90's, Cessna was not only building Citations but also began building CitationJets, or CE-525s. As the number of these small fuel efficient jets built has exceeded a thousand units, a healthy secondary type rating market for the CJ has developed. I began holding CJ ground schools as time permitted in 2003 and have recently experienced significant interest in the CJ program. In continuing the Professional Airline Systems heritage, I formed a new school, Arizona Type Ratings, to specialize in the CitationJet. The school is held in various Arizona locations or at the customer's site depending on time of year and personal needs.  Our instructors teach ground school and do most of the flight training, while I do the majority of the examining.  We provide classical classroom instruction as well as "one on one" personalized instruction either in our aircraft or in the clients aircraft if preferred.

A couple of decades have passed since I was exposed to and joined the type rating business and it has been a pleasure meeting new pilots and remaining personal friends with many over the years. Initially, our typical clientele were 1500 hour flight instructors, looking for a way to improve their resumes. They judged, correctly I think, that an ATP in a jet plus a type rating would improve their chances in the employment pool, versus an ATP in a Duchess or Seminole. And many of these young pilots were hired as a result. Today, our customer is more likely to actually be flying (or buying) a Citation. This pilot has different needs and time schedule demands. A type rating in either a Citation or CJ can typically be accomplished in 4 or 5 days, and if you are already typed in any of the Citation family, a day or two less. Please call us if you would like to discuss your personal needs. We are very flexible and can usually accommodate scheduling needs of busy people.

Mitch Ange
President, Arizona Type Ratings