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Mitchell Ange

Mitchel Ange Mitch Ange is a former electrical engineer  and owner of Professional Airline Systems and Arizona Type Ratings. By studying the needs of our students, Mitch  has developed one of the best animated and interactive training programs in the industry.

For the last two decades, Mitch has been busy doing flight instructions and teaching ground school on a full time basis for clients seeking CE-500, CE-510 and CE-525 Type ratings. 

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Dan Brattain

Dan BrattainDan started flying in 1976 and has since logged over 12,000 hours. He has ATP - Multiengine Airplane privileges and Commercial - Helicopter privileges. Dan is typed in the CE-500, CE-510 and CE-525 business jets and holds a Flight Instructor certificate with Airplane Instrument, Single Engine and Multiengine ratings. He has been a 135 Check Airman since 1993 and is an FAASTeam Safety Representative. Dan founded and is the CEO of Cal-Ore Life Flight, an air and ground ambulance company headquartered in Brookings, Oregon. Cal-Ore operates a fleet of about a half dozen Cheyenne II Turboprops. In addition, he owns and flies his own Citation ISP, 421 and R44 Helicopter. We are proud to have Dan as a member of our instructor staff.



Vesna Ajic

Vesna AjicVesna Ajic used to work as a lawyer in Yugoslavia. Relocating in the United States, she was introduced to aviation. After earning her pilot certificates, she began flying copilot on the Citation SII in 2004. She received her type ratings in both the 500 and 525 in 2007. Normally, a contract pilot in the Citation 550, Vesna primarily teaches ground school for Arizona Type Ratings.

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Anthony J. Cirincione

Anthony J. CirincioneAnthony J. Cirincione has over 33 years of aviation experience and holds the following ratings: ATP airplane and helicopter, Gold Seal CFI airplane, helicopter, gyrocopter, glider, weight shift control, & powered parachute, FE – Turbojet, and A&P with Inspection Authorization. He's typed in Cessna, Learjet, Dassault, and Boeing aircraft. He has a Master of Science in Aeronautical Science. He has taught A&P students for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Learjet 60 initial and recurrent classes for FlightSafety International. Prior to that, Anthony was a F-111 Instructor and Flight Examiner in the US Air Force, and an instructor at the USAF Fighter Weapons School flying the mighty F-4 Phantom. He has flown over 7000 hours mostly in fighters and corporate aircraft. When not immersed in aviation, he enjoys fly-fishing, bow hunting, and four-wheelin’ his Jeep.